One team, one hero.

We move Europe

Working out of several bases in Europe, we ensure smooth operations, punctual arrivals and satisfied customers. Working as a team, the MICHL GRUPPE achieves mighty things.

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years’ experience


shipments a year


m2 dedicated to logistics


company-owned tractor units and 100 semitrailers

Staplerfahrer in Lagerhalle | © Matthias Leo


Our contract logistics customers come from all manner of different industries. The MICHL GRUPPE currently has 30,000 square metres of logistics space – up to three whole football pitches – dedicated to serving them.
We have 10,000 bay spaces available to store your goods. Our highly trained team uses the very latest technology and is able to call up stock on demand and process orders at short notice.


We provide bespoke solutions on request in both business areas – Haulage  & Freight Forwarding and Warehousing & Logistics.

Achieving mighty things as a team.

“We’re very much on the move and have been for many years. For us, ‘on the move’ means offering haulage and logistics solutions that are as sustainable as they are innovative and responding to change in the economy and society. The MICHL GRUPPE is constantly growing – and achieving success as a team together with its customers.”

Stefan Michl CEO

What the MICHL GRUPPE can do for you

Flexible and focused on finding solutions

We respond and act quickly and don’t duck any challenges. We find smart solutions for our customers.

Round-the-clock availability.

You’ll always be able to get hold of us. This is a promise we make to our customers that we actively embrace and consider to be binding. You’re welcome to take our word for it.

Named contacts

We’re here for you. When you get in touch with us, you’ll be put straight through to the member of staff responsible for you – we don’t do call centres.

GPS tracking

We know where your shipment is and will gladly make this service available to you too.

Achieving mighty things as a team.

A highly motivated, perfectly dovetailed team will not only move your cargo along Europe’s roads, on international forwarding assignments and in our warehouse – it will also ensure that everything runs smoothly in the process. We are truly proud of this team and thus celebrate its mighty achievements.

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